Food Production Kitchen

By Richard Davies

Food Production Kitchen

At Catering Centre UK we specialise in ascertaining the needs of our customers through our long term industry experience and ability to adapt to all manner of projects. Understanding that no two kitchens are the same is essential when it comes to completing your tailored quote.

All mass scale catering operations from factory canteens to in-flight meals require a fully operational production kitchen that offers great results through the joining of first rate equipment and clinical efficiency. 

Below is a list of what we believe are key components to any commercial production kitchen, focusing on high quantity refrigeration and top of the range food preparation equipment. As always these collections are open to customisation and if there's anything you think is missing from this list we will be more than happy to provide it for you. 

If you have any specific requirements or would like to see more bespoke products please give us a call on 01952 58 59 60 or email us on and we can get your tailored quote on its way. 

The Cook-Line 

  • Blue Seal G56D Gas Range Convection Oven
  • Blue Seal GT46 Double Gas Fryer
  • Blue Seal G47 Pasta Cooker
  • Blue Seal G91B Salamander
  • Blue Seal G593-LS Chargrill
  • Rational SCC201Self Cooking Centre


  • Gram K1270 Double Door Fridge
  • Gram F1270 Double Door Freezer
  • Valera C73-TN Regrigerated Worktable Counter
  • Valera C73-BT Freezer Worktable Counter
  • William WBC20 Blast Chiller
  • Valera VSALPT2 Salad Prep Counter

The Wash-Line

  • Maidaid 2035WS Evolution Pass Through Dishwasher
  • CCUK Bespoke Sink Units
  • CCUK Bespoke Inlet/Outlet Dish Wash Tables
  • Parry CWBMIN/T Handwash Sink

Food Preparation Equipment

  • Instanta RB38 Regeneration Bath
  • Instanta 1000M Cureflow Compact Boiler
  • Lincat CT1 Conveyor Toaster
  • Linda Lews LLKCOMB13 Combi Mixer, Divider & Rounder
  • Metcalfe AS300T High Speed Oven
  • Robot Coupe CL 50 Ultra Vegtebale Prep Machine
  • Robot Coupe R5 Plus Table Top Cutter
  • Robot Coupe 5V.V. Blixer
  • Sammic CF-5 Potato Chipper
  • Sammic BE-10 Planetary Mixer
  • Sammic GCP-275 Belt Driven Slicer
  • Sammic EZ-40 Can Opener
  • Samsung CM1929 Microwave

Storage & Service

  • CCUK Bespoke Wall Shelves
  • Shelfspan Perma Plus Shelving
  • CCUK Bespoke Wall/Centre Bench
  • CCUK Bespoke Heated/Ambient Gantry 

CCUK Services

  • Installation 
  • Bio Cladding & Flooring
  • Electrics
  • Extraction & Ventilation 
  • Plumbing and Grease Traps
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