The Lion & Pheasant

By Richard Davies

The Lion & Pheasant

A fantastic restaurant and an adventurous ‘Gin Palace’, The Lion and Pheasant is based in Shrewsbury and is a must for anyone looking for good food in this historic town. Owned and operated by Jim Littler, who is also linked to the Boathouse in Shrewsbury, does a reputable job of keeping his establishments at the forefront of culinary success and kitchen technology.

Commercial Catering Kitchen

Jim Littler approached CCUK aiming to create an innovative and modern commercial kitchen that suited the needs of their chefs and their famous A La Carte dining. With the help of CCUK MD Richard Davies, a former chef, this dream became a reality as Richard successfully balanced professional need with both timescale and budgetary requirements. This brand-new commercial kitchen now boasts a full Blue Seal Cooking Suite including a Combi Oven as well as Sous Vide and Vac Fudge Packers.

Commercial Bar Refurbishment

The second part of this refurbishment and the overall concept that Jim Littler had imagined was handled by Duarte Castro, who heads up CCUK’s creative team. Duarte’s extensive commercial knowledge enabled him to supply the perfect tables and glassware that makes this wonderful restaurant’s contemporary dining experience what it is today.