Commercial Extraction and Ventilation Solutions

By Richard Davies

Commercial Extraction and Ventilation Solutions

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Canopies And Ventilation Installation Specialists

Bespoke Air Handling Systems

A commercial kitchen extraction canopy is a stainless steel bespoke item that is required to extract gases and other particles from your kitchen. Canopies will include filters that require regular cleaning. The system also includes ducting which is required for the discharging of fumes. 

The ducting aspect requires careful and professional installation, especially if in close proximity to residential areas. 

Finally, the system will require fans to ensure sufficient ventilation. 

Using the latest computer aided design (CAD) the team at CCUK are well versed in the design & installation of all commercial kitchen air handling systems.

Extraction Canopies & Air Make up Systems

Our bespoke extraction canopies are manufactured to order and are available in standard or special sizes. By meeting all the latest environmental requirements, you can have peace of mind that your kitchen is complying with the latest regulations. Combined with air make up systems so you know that your kitchen has the best possible airflow.

For more information on the installation of our air handling systems please contact us on 01952 58 59 60 or send us an email on and we will get back to you.